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Rapid application development for custom enterprise apps

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Bellini is a low-code application development tool (LCAD) empowering frontend developers to craft custom web and mobile apps, dashboards, and reports. Build apps by dropping user interface components onto a canvas and then bind them to data from a REST or GraphQL API.

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Create custom applications, dashboards & reports

Bellini accelerates the development of custom applications, dashboards, and reports, equipping developers with intuitive tools to swiftly transform ideas into data-driven solutions.


Build custom enterprise applications

Bellini enables developers to build custom enterprise applications that streamline complex processes and enhance user experiences. With Bellini, create unified interfaces that consolidate diverse data sources, provide sleek UIs for databases, and modernize legacy applications with minimal effort. It's the tool of choice for developers aiming to deliver high-impact, user-centric solutions across various business functions.


Create dashboards & reports

Bellini transforms the way developers create dashboards and reports, enabling the aggregation of data from multiple sources into cohesive, interactive visuals. Harness its capabilities to design dashboards that offer real-time insights and craft reports with dynamic, user-interactive elements. With Bellini, empower decision-makers with the data they need, presented in an intuitive, actionable format.


Secure access management

Bellini enhances the security and personalization of your applications by supporting authenticated user access. Choose from utilizing Bellini's built-in user directory or integrating with your existing SAML-compatible directory server, such as Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure Active Directory), Okta, or Ping Identity. This flexibility ensures that your application adheres to your organization's security standards while providing a seamless user experience.


Rapid development with prebuilt UI components

Leverage Bellini's extensive library of prebuilt UI components to accelerate the development process, enabling you to swiftly bring your innovative enterprise applications from concept to reality.


Core component library

Bellini's extensive library of core user interface components, including forms, tables, and navigation elements, streamlines the development process, making it fast and straightforward. Plus, all components can be customized to fit your aesthetic and functional needs using their properties or CSS, offering an unrivaled level of flexibility and personalization.


Engage with every data source

Bellini enhances data accessibility, allowing developers to effortlessly link with SaaS apps, spreadsheets, REST and GraphQL APIs, and databases, fostering the creation of dynamic, data-centric applications.


Utilize your SaaS app data

Bellini streamlines the integration with SaaS applications, enabling developers to directly read from and write data to various platforms. This interoperability facilitates the creation of unified, seamless experiences within custom applications, dashboards, and reports. By leveraging Bellini, developers can effortlessly collate and present data from diverse SaaS apps, enhancing operational efficiency and decision-making with consolidated views and interactions.


Connect your spreadsheets

Bellini brings a new level of sophistication and user-friendliness to interfacing with spreadsheets, transforming the way data is managed in Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel within Office 365. With Bellini, developers can craft custom applications that read from and write to spreadsheets, enabling seamless data manipulation and enhanced interaction. Craft dynamic, intuitive user interfaces that leverage the power of spreadsheets.


Leverage REST APIs

Bellini's flexibility shines in its seamless integration with REST APIs, allowing it to interface with existing organizational APIs, business partners, or third-party platforms. This capability empowers developers to incorporate a variety of data sources into their applications, making Bellini a versatile tool for creating interconnected, data-rich applications.


Harness GraphQL APIs

Bellini extends its integration capabilities to GraphQL APIs, offering developers the same level of flexibility and ease of use in binding application components to GraphQL endpoints. This integration facilitates efficient, tailored data queries and mutations, enabling the construction of dynamic applications that communicate seamlessly with complex data structures and services.


Connect any database

Bellini, in collaboration with Martini, offers robust connectivity to a variety of databases, including SQL, NoSQL, and data warehouses. Martini facilitates this by exposing these databases as REST or GraphQL endpoints, complete with necessary access controls. This seamless integration allows developers to directly bind Bellini components to these endpoints, enabling the creation of dynamic applications that interact in real-time with internal data stores.


Empowering web and mobile experiences

Experience seamless collaboration and flexible deployment with Bellini, empowering teams to work together effortlessly and deploy applications anywhere.


Responsive web app development

Bellini streamlines the deployment of responsive web applications, enabling developers to launch and update their creations with just a click. Hosted directly by Bellini, these web apps benefit from the robust infrastructure of AWS CDN, ensuring rapid and reliable distribution to users across the globe. This seamless hosting and distribution model not only simplifies the deployment process but also guarantees that web applications are accessible and performant.


Native mobile app development

Developers can harness Bellini's components to access native mobile functionalities facilitating the creation of feature-rich native mobile apps. Leveraging these components, developers can seamlessly build and deploy native applications for both iOS and Android platforms. This streamlined process empowers developers to deliver high-quality mobile experiences, tapping into the full potential of native mobile capabilities.


Extensible: development without limits

Unlock limitless development possibilities with Bellini by creating custom components, integrating unique functions, and leveraging external libraries to tailor your applications to exact specifications.


Create your own components

While Bellini boasts an extensive library of components suitable for typical enterprise applications, we understand the need for additional flexibility. That's why Bellini allows you to create your own custom, reusable components using standard HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You can even define custom properties for your components, enhancing their adaptability for future use cases.


Leverage external libraries

Bellini significantly enriches user experiences by facilitating the integration of custom JavaScript libraries, tapping into a vast ecosystem of third-party resources for interactive component development. In parallel, the seamless incorporation of external CSS libraries ensures a uniform aesthetic across your suite of enterprise applications, reinforcing brand identity while streamlining user navigation.


Write custom functions

Bellini empowers users with the ability to craft custom functions, a feature that significantly enhances the platform's versatility. This capability enables users to embed bespoke logic within any component, facilitating sophisticated data manipulation and interaction. By writing custom functions in standard JavaScript, developers can transform, filter, or aggregate data as it moves into or out of components, ensuring a tailored fit for specific application requirements.


Server-side services with Martini

Enhance Bellini applications with Martini by adding advanced server-side logic. Martini allows you to create sophisticated services with complex integration and workflow capabilities, accessible via secure REST or GraphQL APIs. This seamless integration enriches Bellini's functionality, ensuring a robust back-end for your applications.

Debugging & CI/CD

Seamless development lifecycle management

Unlock a seamless development lifecycle with Bellini, offering integrated tools for coding, deployment, and error handling, designed for efficiency and ease of use.


Debugging simplified with developer console

Bellini's Developer Console enhances error handling with features tailored for efficiency. Developers can monitor messages, filter errors by component, and trace issues to their source within the console. This built-in tool provides a comprehensive debugging solution, bridging the gap between traditional browser consoles and a more streamlined, integrated approach.


Works with your favourite Git repo

Bellini streamlines the development process by providing robust extensive support for Git functions, facilitating collaboration and effective version control. With seamless integration for leading platforms including Bitbucket, GitHub, and GitLab, Bellini ensures a smooth workflow for developers, enabling them to manage their codebases efficiently within their preferred environments.


Flexible environment management

Bellini empowers developers with the capability to define and manage multiple environments, such as UAT, Staging, and Production. This feature facilitates a structured approach to testing, verification, and deployment, enabling teams to streamline their development workflows and ensure that applications are rigorously tested and ready for release.


Automated deployment pipelines

Bellini enhances delivery with endpoints to support automated build pipeline deployments from a Git repository to any environment. This ensures reliable, timely releases after each build cycle, minimizing manual effort and streamlining the release process. Whether deploying to UAT, Staging, or Production environments, Bellini ensures seamless integration and deployment, aligning with best practices in continuous integration and delivery.

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“I really love the easiness and specially the speed by which you can create a fully documented and secure API. It really takes away tons of boilerplate code and let’s you focus on the important pieces.”

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