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Martini is the iPaaS that empowers professional developers with advanced application and data integration, business process automation, and API management. Accelerate development with unmatched flexibility and performance.
Available on desktop, cloud, and on-premise.

create unlimited integrations, workflows, & APIs with martini free edition


Streamlined application & data integration

Empower your development with seamless data synchronization and connectivity.


Integrate any application

Martini's flexible architecture enables integration across various environments—whether on-premise, in the cloud, hybrid, or B2B. It provides seamless compatibility with an extensive array of applications, from niche applications to major platforms such as NetSuite and Salesforce, as well as bespoke in-house applications. With Martini, you can establish a unified tech ecosystem, ensuring smooth interoperability within your current and future tech stack.


Integrate any data source

Martini streamlines data integration from a wide array of sources, encompassing SQL and NoSQL databases, data warehouses, real-time data streams, data files, and message queues. Its unmatched compatibility simplifies the establishment of connections across diverse data storage and processing systems. With Martini, you can shift your focus away from the intricacies of connectivity and data types, and concentrate more on developing solutions.


Real-time & batch integration

Martini supports both real-time and batch integration, providing you with the flexibility to align data synchronization with your project's demands. Whether you're handling data in scheduled batches or needing immediate integration in response to specific events like webhooks, message queues, or system processes, Martini adapts to your workflow. Focus on optimizing your workflow, without being constrained by integration capabilities.


Integration Marketplace

Lonti’s Marketplace opens up a world of thousands of readily available APIs from application vendors, facilitating immediate integration with the services you need. Oh, and if you can't find the one you need? No problem, Martini's intuitive API wizard will guide you through the process, enabling quick and effortless consumption of any API. Dive into an integration experience that's as vast as it is seamless.


Agile Business Process Automation

Empower your business with Martini's workflow designer for Business Process Automation, where sophisticated design meets unparalleled flexibility, enabling seamless creation and management of complex workflows tailored to your unique operational needs.


Visual design & implementation

Leverage Martini's intuitive visual process designer to craft complex business workflows that bridge the gap between technical and non-technical stakeholders. This user-friendly tool empowers non-technical project stakeholders to map out processes visually, laying the groundwork for you to implement the technical details. Enhance collaboration and streamline workflow design with a platform that simplifies the transition from concept to execution.


Customize your workflow triggers

Martini empowers developers with a variety of trigger options to initiate processes precisely when needed. Choose from scheduling workflows at specific intervals, invoking them through API calls, triggering them based on system events, and many more. This flexibility ensures that workflows can be seamlessly integrated into any system architecture, enhancing automation and efficiency in your development projects.


Unlimited business rules

With Martini, the complexity of your workflows is boundless. From straightforward step-by-step processes to intricate business logic encompassing countless steps and subprocesses, Martini's robust framework supports the creation and implementation of unlimited business rules. This capability allows developers to architect sophisticated workflows tailored to the nuanced demands of any business scenario, ensuring no process is too complex to be automated.


Elevate your workflow logic

Martini elevates workflow design with its advanced logic capabilities, simplifying the creation of sophisticated processes. Leverage 'fork steps' for conditional-based routing. Execute subprocesses in parallel to reduce execution times. Integrate asynchronous steps for processes requiring human input or specific event triggers. With Martini your workflow options are limitless.

Effortless data flow

Martini's Workflow Mapper provides a visual interface for seamlessly connecting inputs and outputs across different steps of your workflows. This intuitive tool simplifies the task of defining how data is passed and transformed throughout the execution of a workflow, ensuring a clear and manageable process design. Martini streamlines workflow configuration and updates by visually linking step inputs and outputs, enabling you to focus on logic and functionality.


Next generation API development tools

Unleash the full potential of your API development with Martini. From creating RESTful and GraphQL APIs to ensuring robust security, and from seamless publishing across platforms to auto-generating detailed documentation, Martini empowers developers to create, manage, and deploy APIs with unprecedented ease and efficiency.


Visual REST & GraphQL API designer

Martini's API designer simplifies API development, enabling you to intuitively design, test, and deploy APIs. Visually define RESTful endpoints, set up request and response structures, and configure HTTP methods without writing code. Whether you're building a REST or GraphQL API, Martini accelerates your API development process, ensuring that your APIs are robust, efficient, and ready to meet the demands of your applications.


Robust API security

Martini places a strong emphasis on API security, providing a comprehensive suite of authentication mechanisms to safeguard your APIs. With built-in support for industry-standard OAuth2 and Basic Authentication, as well as the flexibility to implement custom authentication schemes, Martini ensures that your APIs are securely accessible only to authorized users and systems.


Automated API documentation

Martini revolutionizes API documentation by automatically generating detailed, user-friendly documentation directly from your visual API design. This not only streamlines the documentation process but also ensures accuracy and consistency across your API's lifecycle. Additionally, Martini enhances usability by providing downloadable Postman collections and OpenAPI schemas, allowing developers and end-users to quickly test and integrate your APIs.


Effortless webhook integration

Martini streamlines the integration of webhooks, offering a straightforward approach to define webhook endpoints. This feature allows external applications to trigger specific workflows or integration processes within Martini. By leveraging webhook support, you can ensure real-time data exchange and event-driven interactions, enhancing the responsiveness and interactivity of your applications.


API gateway agnostic publishing

Martini extends your API publishing capabilities beyond its own ecosystem, providing flexibility and control over where and how your APIs are deployed. With support for OpenAPI specifications, Martini allows you to export your API designs in a standard format, making them compatible with any API gateway of your choice. With Martini your APIs can be seamlessly published into diverse environments, enhancing accessibility and interoperability across systems.


Driving insights through data management

Leverage Martini's comprehensive data management platform to navigate complex data landscapes, ensuring your business is equipped to harness the full potential of its data.


Map, transform, & enrich any data format

Martini natively manages diverse data formats such as JSON, XML, CSV, Excel, YAML, as well as SQL or NoSQL database queries into the data handling process. With its intuitive mapping tools, it minimizes coding requirements, enabling efficient data conversion, enrichment, and integration. Ensure your data’s integrity and boosts operational efficiency by applying advanced business logic across diverse systems.


Versatile data storage solutions

Martini's data storage & management capabilities extend across a wide spectrum of storage solutions, ensuring your data is housed securely and efficiently, no matter the format or scale. From traditional relational databases to modern NoSQL options, scalable data warehouses, and versatile object storage systems, Martini seamlessly integrates with the leading storage technologies.


Cleansing data, ensuring quality

Martini enhances organizational data integrity and compliance, enabling the creation of custom services for advanced validation, cleansing, and deduplication. This ensures data accuracy, consistency, and reliability. Proactive error handling mechanisms identify and rectify data issues promptly, safeguarding business processes from potential disruptions.


Secure your data with Martini

Martini prioritizes data security and compliance. Martini ensures sensitive information remains protected from unauthorized access with support for encryption both in transit and at rest and advanced features like data masking. Martini's builtin Tracker audit log provides visibility into data usage, helping organizations maintain compliance with regulatory requirements. Whether you're managing sensitive customer information, confidential financial records, or critical business data, Martini provides the tools to safeguard your data, mitigate risks, and ensure peace of mind in an ever-evolving security landscape.


Empowering data analysis

Martini streamlines the consolidation and unification of data from diverse sources, paving the way for seamless integration with data warehouses or business intelligence solutions. This capability empowers organizations to harness their collective data for comprehensive analytics and reporting, transforming raw data into actionable insights. With Martini, the journey from data collection to insightful analysis is seamless.


Unified Master Data Management

Explore Martini's robust capabilities in centralizing and harmonizing critical business data, ensuring a 'single source of truth' across your enterprise. Martini's MDM solutions empower organizations to manage, maintain, and distribute master data—such as customer, product, employee, and supplier information—across multiple systems and channels. With Martini's MDM, ensure data consistency, reduce redundancy, and enhance data integrity.


Low code, no limits

Martini seamlessly blends low-code efficiency with the capability to create custom logic as your unique business requirements demand. Unlock infinite possibilities with Martini..


Low-code functions

Martini is loaded with hundreds of low-code functions designed to handle common integration and automation scenarios. This means most of your integration and automation tasks can be accomplished without writing a single line of code, making it an accessible and efficient solution for businesses of all sizes.


Custom functions

We understand that not all business logic is the same. Therefore, Martini provides the option to write your own functions using familiar languages like Groovy, Kotlin, Python, JavaScript, or even Bash. This ensures that no matter how unique or complex your business requirements are, Martini can adapt to meet your needs.

CI/CD, Logging, & Auditing

Intelligent development & deployment

Leverage the power of Martini's advanced deployment flexibility, accompanied by comprehensive logging and auditing capabilities.


Insights into workflow execution

Martini's Tracker feature provides comprehensive transaction logging, enabling organizations to capture and store transaction details effortlessly. With Tracker, transaction data, including state, errors, and payload, is securely stored in a NoSQL database, providing valuable insights into workflow execution. The Tracker Resubmit allows users to quickly resubmit transactions in an error state. Ensure your transaction integrity with Tracker.


Flexible logging controls

Martini offers flexible logging capabilities, allowing users to define different logging levels for development and production environments. Users can insert logging steps into workflows to capture specific data points, and customize error messages returned to workflow consumers. With Martini's logging features, organizations can effectively monitor workflows, troubleshoot issues, and enhance user experience.


Efficient debugging

Martini features a robust debugger, offering advanced tools for efficient troubleshooting and code analysis. With capabilities such as breakpoints, variable inspection, and step-by-step execution, developers can quickly identify and resolve issues, ensuring smooth workflow execution and application performance. Martini's debugger empowers developers to debug with confidence and efficiency, facilitating seamless development processes.


Optimizing collaboration with Git

Martini seamlessly integrates with Git source control, enabling efficient code management and collaboration within the development workflow. With robust Git support, developers can track revisions, synchronize code changes, and streamline collaboration across teams. Martini's Git integration ensures a smooth and efficient development experience, empowering developers to manage projects effectively.


Deploy anywhere, anytime

Martini provides versatile deployment options, allowing deployment to the cloud, on-premise servers, or hybrid environments. Moreover, Martini facilitates seamless continuous deployment directly from your Git repository. By offering flexible deployment choices and automated deployment capabilities, Martini supports diverse deployment architectures, streamlining the deployment process for accelerated time-to-market.

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“I really love the easiness and specially the speed by which you can create a fully documented and secure API. It really takes away tons of boilerplate code and let’s you focus on the important pieces.”

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