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Create standardized data models & harmonize your data

with the data modeler that turns data models into actionable assets


Negroni, a robust visual data modeling tool, for creating Common Data Model (CDM) compliant models to be used in integration services, APIs, or as database schemas. The data models created with Negroni can facilitate data harmonization across an organizations applications and databases.

Create & deploy unlimited data models with Negroni Free Edition


Redefining data model creation with Negroni

Step into a new era of data architecture with Negroni, where efficient, compliant data modeling becomes your strategic advantage.


Intuitive visual interface

Negroni's visual interface demystifies the complexities of data modeling. Negroni allows users to define, visualize, and manipulate data entities and their relationships, making data modeling an engaging and productive experience. By enabling a clear visual representation of data structures, Negroni ensures that both technical and non-technical stakeholders can collaborate effectively, fostering a deeper understanding and consensus around data architecture.


Streamlined entity definition

At the heart of Negroni's innovative approach is the ability to define and customize data entities with unprecedented ease. Users can choose from an extensive library of standard entities, aligning with the CDM framework, or create custom entities tailored to specific business needs. This flexibility empowers organizations to sculpt their data models precisely, ensuring that the data architecture resonates with their unique operational context and objectives.


Accelerating development

Negroni accelerates development by standardizing data models, streamlining the transition from data structuring to application delivery. By aligning teams on unified data formats and relationships, Negroni ensures that teams are aligned on data formats, relationships, and validations, allowing developers to focus on innovation and significantly reducing time-to-market for new features and applications.


Collaborative data governance

Negroni promotes effective data governance within your organization. The data models and manifests you create can be readily shared, encouraging standardization and enhancing governance across various teams and departments. By fostering a cohesive approach to data modeling, Negroni streamlines data management while bolstering data consistency and integrity.

The first data modeler created specifically for the Common Data Model (CDM)

Negroni's adherence to Common Data Model standards ensures seamless compliance, enabling consistent and interoperable data management across platforms.


Standards compliant data models

The Common Data Model (CDM) is an open standard promoted by Microsoft, designed to streamline the way data is managed, stored, and utilized across various systems. It establishes a unified data schema that promotes interoperability and consistency, making it simpler to integrate and analyze data from multiple sources. By adhering to CDM, organizations can significantly enhance data clarity and facilitate more efficient data-driven decision-making processes.


Business entity driven development

The Common Data Model organizes data into standardized entities like Account, Contact, Lead, Opportunity, and Product, each defined by specific attributes and relationships. This standardization ensures consistency and interoperability across systems, simplifying integration and enabling robust data governance and analytics. Streamline data management and leverage a shared framework for clearer insights and more efficient application development.

Transforming models into actionable assets

With Negroni, transcend model design by generating actionable assets that can be immediately utilized within your organization, facilitating a swift transition from concept to implementation."


Common Data Model packages

Negroni allows users to export their data models into a Common Data Model (CDM) compliant package. This capability enables seamless transfer and utilization of data models across any CDM-compliant application, enhancing interoperability and facilitating a unified data ecosystem. By exporting manifests into a CDM package, Negroni ensures that your data models can be easily integrated and shared, fostering collaboration and consistency across projects and platforms.


Database schema generation

Negroni, supports generating schemas for a wide range of databases including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle. This flexibility allows users to adapt their data models to their existing database infrastructure, streamlining the transition from model to implementation. By providing tailored schemas, Negroni bridges the gap between conceptual data modeling and real-world database design, enhancing development workflows.

Negroni to Martini: A unified data solution

Bridge your data silos by leveraging Negroni's robust data models within Martini, streamlining the path towards a unified, cohesive data ecosystem.


Streamline your data landscape by integrating Negroni's standardized data models with Martini, mapping each of your systems to a singular, unified model. This approach not only simplifies integrations by removing the complexity of point-to-point connections but also harmonizes disparate data sources for more streamlined analytics and integration processes. Achieve enhanced analytical efficiency and a more seamless and simplified integration workflow, ensuring cohesive data operations throughout your organization.

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“I really love the easiness and specially the speed by which you can create a fully documented and secure API. It really takes away tons of boilerplate code and let’s you focus on the important pieces.”

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